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  • For proper muscle development of pigeons especially during races.
  • Increases and sustains energy production in pigeons during training and long flight.
  • Enhances stamina.
  • Replacement of vitamins and minerals lost during training and races.
  • Help prevent muscle loss during diseased state and stimulate the appetite.

How to Use: Mix 1 table spoon of BASURTO per 1lb of feed 3x a week. Recommended days : Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Perfect on the day of arrival and the next day.



GLUCOSE: A sugar that acts reserved energy of pigeons that is utilized when needed during their travel and during flight.

AMINO ACID: Building blocks of protein for proper muscle development and it is also essential during breeding.

VITAMIN B-COMPLEX: Helps in proper nerve function, blood cell production and helps stimulate the appetite of birds.

MULTIVITAMINS AND TRACE MINERALS: Replaces lost vitamins and minerals during breeding, training and races.